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ID Document type Title Publication date
2018/00232 Information update (News) Prospect attends Treasury Committee's childcare policy inquiry 08 February 2018
2017/01336 Information update (News) Prospect raises questions about new school improvement roles 06 September 2017
2017/01310 Information update (News) Prospect concerns about implementation of government plans for 30 hours free childcare 31 August 2017
2014/01056 Leaflet/booklet Early years recruitment leaflet 07 July 2017
2017/00812 Information update (News) Unions and councils agree new Soulbury deal on pay and conditions 24 May 2017
2017/00809 Information update (News) Changes to off-payroll working in the public sector 24 May 2017
2017/00771 Information update (News) Prospect policy positions on education and children’s services 15 May 2017
2016/02306 Information update (News) Prospect seeks talks with DfE 12 December 2016
2015/01683 Information update (News) Boss pays her workers’ subs 17 December 2015
2015/01091 Information update (News) Don’t use testing to rank school performance 09 September 2015
2015/00548 Information update (News) Focus on quality in early years, politicians told 29 April 2015
2014/00933 Information update (News) Early years conference success 08 July 2014