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ID Document type Title Publication date
2019/00753 Information update (News) Scientific adviser takes aim at monolithic thinking 07 May 2019
2018/00970 Information update (News) Union backs Sutherland spaceport bid 17 May 2018
2018/00540 Information update (News) Prospect seeks members views on USS dispute 20 March 2018
2018/00277 Submission Submission to the science and technology committee Brexit science and innovation inquiry 16 February 2018
2017/00187 Information update (News) Prospect condemns decision to leave European atomic energy community 27 January 2017
2016/02205 Information update (News) Raising Horizons exhibition puts women scientists in the picture 24 November 2016
2016/01544 Submission Forensic Science Strategy: a national approach to forensic science delivery in the criminal justice system 26 July 2016
2015/01142 Information update (News) Public Health England to relocate hundreds of staff 17 September 2015
2015/01053 Information update (News) Frontline specialists say decline in publicly funded science affects whole economy 28 August 2015
2015/00908 Information update (News) Call for positive targets for women in science 28 July 2015
2015/00856 Information update (News) WISE and Range Rover Evoque join forces for STEM scholarship 13 July 2015
2015/00678 Information update (News) Career sessions for STEM women in Scotland 05 June 2015
2015/00610 Information update (News) Technicians vital to UK economy 15 May 2015
2015/00317 Leaflet/booklet Prospect Pioneers, A4 booklet with case studies 09 March 2015
2015/00146 Information update (News) Cable urged to back 'returnships' for women in STEM 30 January 2015
2015/00145 News release Cable urged to back ‘returnships’ scheme for women in STEM 30 January 2015
2015/00134 Knowledge Document Survey findings: Women in STEM - are you in or out? 28 January 2015
2014/01541 Information update (News) Kew scientists accuse Mayor of London of ‘memory lapse’ 01 December 2014
2014/00867 Information update (News) Raise number of women in science 24 June 2014
2014/00866 News release Raise number of women in science, Prospect urges Labour 24 June 2014
2014/00835 Information update (News) Celebrating women in engineering 19 June 2014
2014/00661 News release Government announcement on STEM careers could be more ambitious 07 May 2014
2014/00548 Information update (News) Prospect sponsors event to encourage young females into STEM 11 April 2014
2014/00412 Information update (News) Reverse Environment Agency job cuts 12 March 2014
2014/00407 Leaflet/booklet Raising our sights for women in STEM 10 March 2014
2014/00385 News release Prospect union takes women into science and engineering campaign to parliament 05 March 2014
2014/00384 Information update (News) Women in STEM campaign goes to Parliament 05 March 2014
2013/01718 Information update (News) Prospect pioneers 06 December 2013
2013/01711 Information update (News) Departments cannot do more with less 05 December 2013
2013/01524 Information update (News) Prospect calls for evidence of science at risk 12 November 2013